February 10, 2017
Westpac – Motivate Drama Series

Westpac – Motivate Drama Series

Westpac Group

The Motivate team were looking to produce a piece of media that had not been attempted before across the entire Westpac Group. To introduce such a large change project required something a little extraordinary. The initial result was a 5 episode drama series with accompanying tutorial videos. We have since gone on to extend the drama series and tutorial videos due to the overwhelming success of the original project.

We worked very closely with the Motivate Team to comprhensively understand their new approach to HR and then created a realistic world in which this approach had been deployed. The key to the success of this project was very much the realistic way in which we drafted not just the story, but the characters. The characters were real and relatable.

The series was completed very much as we would complete our broadcast work. Dramatic story arcs were drafted across the series, castings were held to find the right actors and scripts were struck to tell the story of three main characters and their journey within the Motivate approach. We then tested scripts, draft scenes and cast amongst the project stakeholders before some final tweaks and moving into full production.

The result has been a well balanced and honest piece of comms that not just understands and presents the business objectives, but the requirements of reaching it’s target audience in a meaningful way. As such the entire project has been very well recieved.

The series is currently being broadcast internally as part of a staged rollout and initial feedback is very positive.  Unfortunately  we are unable to show the series externally at this time.

The series has been nominated for  the AITD Excellence Awards in the Best Use of Social and Collaborative Learning category.

We’ve also produced tutorial videos containing a more “hands on” type of information about the Motivate approach, an post on which can be seen here .

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