July 8, 2014
Cochlear – Future

Cochlear – Future


We were engaged by Cochlear to help provide a clear and concise vision for the future in regard to the company and their recipients. Cochlear wanted to highlight new developments and innovations that were yet to be implemented to inspire and excite their stakeholders. It was decided that mediaRock would create a short piece that would be set in the near future, highlighting the real life story of a recipient and her family that were benefitting from new Cochlear innovations. We cast real Cochlear recipients and shot the piece with a ‘documentary’ feel, even though we had actually fully scripted it.

Tone of voice was critical in delivering the right messaging for this piece and it was crucial to portray and realistic but exciting future for the company. A great deal of time was spent prior to production in consultation with senior members of the Cochlear team to ensure the piece was right on message and had the right balance of information and emotion.

The piece has been an enormous success for Cochlear achieving far more for the team that was ever envisaged.

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