June 12, 2013
AHRC – What Ya Say Matters

AHRC – What Ya Say Matters


This piece was commissioned by the Australian Human Rights Commission to address issues of racism with Australians aged 13-17.

From in-depth research we were able to gain a clear insight into how young Australians viewed and understood both racism as a concept and acts of racism. We were also able to identify where racism was most prevalent. The most crucial revelation however, was that 89% of this community segment deals with racism on a daily basis, yet a clear message on HOW to deal with it was crucially missing.

We took the research and crafted the key messaging and a concept that would enable us to deliver a story told by young Australians, to be heard by young Australians, and added one more thing “What you say matters”, a message that would provide the first step to deal with racism. Racism is a deeply complex issue and a generational change in attitude and behaviour is widely regarded as our most positive path forward. A logical first step is to understand that what we say affects other people, and that what you say as an individual matters to the collective.

We assembled a cast and crew that included famed ‘Mad Bastards’ director Brandan Fletcher, DOP Earle Dresner, local hip hop artist Brothablack and the students from James Meheean High School. All of whom inputed their own experiences to deliver an honest and compelling result.

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